Every Day is a New Opportunity

Wake up and see each day as another chance to start, to progress, to flow freely. We can chose to allow our past experiences to serve as information to guide us progressively or we can allow our past experiences to serve as an excuse to diminish our happiness. Our minds can create new and amazing realities; our minds can make our dreams come true. And to be fair, our minds are so powerful that it can create a reality which is uncomfortable and unpleasant. Your choice.

The difference between someone who does and who does not is simply action or no action. Action is a choice. We can choose to believe in the power of our creation and be happy or we can choose to not believe and to allow everything else to determine our experience. This is the freedom we have been granted! Take advantage of it. -SEE EACH DAY AS A BLESSING, SEE YOURSELF AS THE CREATOR. 

This is the creative mind.