What I Learned From Running In The Rain

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Tonight it started to rain. It began around 8pm, it was so loud; it sounded as if the heavy rain was inviting me outside to play. I accepted the invitation.

So I put on my speedo and I went for a barefoot run along the beach, at night, in the rain. 


As I ran along the beach and I noticed how different people responded to the rain, it served to me as a reminder of something very important. Every reaction is a choice. Some people opened their arms and laughed while walking in the rain, some people (with or without an umbrella) slowly walked while looking miserable, one couple took shelter and held each other kissing and enjoying  their moment together.

Here we have three different reactions to the same stimulus (rain). We have enjoyment and integration (play in the rain) , we have misery and lack of control (i’m wet, I’m sad), and then we have love and acceptance (it’s raining so let’s get under this awning and hold each other and kiss (soooo cuuuteee)).

Everyone outside was given the rain, everyone has the ability to react as they choose. What determines if someone dances in the rain, runs in the rain, or gets wet and complains about it? It's up to you. Everything is neutral until you assign meaning to it. 

Every reaction is a choice. How do you react when it rains? 

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