The Pure State: How You Can Discover Yours



With time we develop layers over our pure selves. When we are not aware and observeant, these layers can effect our pure state: our mind and spirit. As a result, our thoughts can become impure thus our actions can become impure as well. Therefore, we must constantly engage in the process of conscious living- bringing our every action and experience into full observation where we ask “why? What does this mean? Why did this happen? What is the lesson?” Every experience has it’s purpose. 

This process of conscious living will shed the layers that blind us to the lessons of experience. As these layers dissolve and we deny old thought forms, we will allow “new” thought forms to be present in a more pure state, and I use the word ‘new’ lightly; new meaning ways of thinking that were once forgotten, but now present. These more pure thought forms have always been with us, just tucked away. With these new, more pure thought forms we can process experiences in a whole new way. 

Now, as the layers shed, everything will become more clear. You will be able to see people for who they are, their behaviors will become very clear, their body language will become very clear, their intentions will become very clear. With this new clarity, you will attract kinder and more loving people into your lives and people who are not matching your frequency will be naturally gravitated out of your radius. And as we are all mirrors unto ourselves and one another, everything that you will experience from another, you will experience unto yourself: YOUR behavior will become more clear, your body language will become more apparent, and YOUR intentions will become more clear. Your path will be crystal clear. 

I am so grateful. Everything is perfectly expanding. I am realizing this more and more. Every event is part of the greater process that the divine universe has planned. Every experience is designed to shape and mold me to become more solid, more loving, understanding, accepting, caring-towards perfection; back to the pure state in which I entered this Earth with. 

This is The Creative Mind. 


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