The Easy Way to Be Healthy

What's the easy way to be healthy? Well, because I don't like having to read an entire article to get the answer, I'll give you the answer straight away: Keep it simple. 

If you want to learn more, continue reading. 

Working in the health and wellness field for 8 years, I've seen all kinds of attempts to better health. I've seen people suffer various diets, do extreme and bizarre workouts, trap themselves with self-created deadlines, and endure self-ridicule for their 'failed' attempts. 

What I have noticed is that the more elaborate a health plan, the more chances there are to not meet certain standards and criteria, the more likely you will disappoint yourself. The more simple a plan, the easier it is to follow and the more likely you will achieve it and feel pride.

Here's a little story about a guy I know very well and his attempts to strong arms and nice abs. I'll call him Jake. Jake used to watch all kinds of health videos and documentaries showing the latest diets, supplements, miracle vitamins, superfoods, and new ways of soaking and fermenting anything and everything you could possibly have sitting in your fridge or cupboard. Jake was passionate about nutrition and was so grateful for his body that he wanted to give it the best treatment he could. He tried to apply everything he was learning and 'heard-about' so that he could be leaner and stronger. It was challenging, there was so much to do-so much time spent in the kitchen. For what?  Oh and let's not mention the same rigor that was applied to his exercises. It seemed like too much work just to 'look' good!

And then he had a huge realization.

Fast forward a few years and Jake is now in the best shape of his life and he is happier than ever! What changed? He realized that nutrition is simple. This generation of humans has made it more complicated than ever! After lots of trial and error, he now eats the same simple foods everyday. He no longer spends hours in the kitchen preparing his foods and instead he has more time to focus on his hobbies and friends. 

If you haven't guessed already, Jake is actually me. :-P  

The trick to my success with all of my clients is that I keep things simple. Nothing is drastic, there are no strict diets, no crazy workouts, no voodoo...! What I recommend is that you make small changes every week, start developing (programming) the new you. Pick a goal that is realistic (based on your current state) such as: 'this week I will walk 3 days out of the week' or 'this week I will eat a healthy breakfast 4 days out of the week.' 

and always remember to KEEP IT SIMPLE. 

This is The Creative Mind.



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