How to be Calm and Relaxed


What is Being Calm? What is Being Relaxed? 

Let's think about the times that you are calm and relaxed. For me, I can think of being on vacation and enjoying the environment around me; during this time I can acknowledge that this is calming and relaxing, but why is it so? It is because I am absorbed in the environment around me: I am listening to the ocean, I can feel the sun, I am enjoying the colors around me, I am FEELING myself. I am not thinking about negative moments in the future or the past. My mind is completely centered on the present space. 

This same state of awareness, being present, and being centered is ALWAYS accessible. It doesn't take a beach side vacation to feel calm and relaxed. 

How to Be Present

This is something I will talk about often because it is so important that we create an awareness of where we are, what is around, who is around us, and who we are at this very moment. The universe wants us to be here and now. It wants us to be absorbed In this very moment, this will allow the universe to guide us and to bring us our deepest desires. If our minds are jumping into thoughts of the past and the future, it can cause us to not be relaxed and the universe will start receiving mixed signals from you-the source. 

How do we know the universe is demanding our presence? 

We have bright and beautiful colors all around us, we have a sky that is constantly changing, we have leaves that change colors and flowers that blossom. Do you see it? We have sounds of all frequencies from birds chirping, to wind blowing, to cars honking, and even our own breath. Do you hear it?  We have bodily functions and sensations such as bowel movements, hunger, touch, sound, and sight. We have feelings! We are constantly being effected by our experiences and how do we know this? Because we feel! We want to be feel something, to know that we are human and that we are here now. 

Do you feel it? 

Bring your attention hear and now, take a deep breath and feel it. Take a deep breath and hear it. Look around you at all the beautiful colors, shapes, sounds, silence and noise. It's all there. 

So, How to be Calm and Relaxed? 

Be Here and Now. 

Feel it. 

Be grateful for this moment. You've created it.


This is the Creative Mind.


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