5 Ways to Increase Mindfulness

We may not always be aware of our current state of being. Sometimes we are holding tension in our bodies and we may not even be aware of it! Thankfully, there's a way to figure all of this out with some simple questions. Here are 5 easy questions that we can ask ourselves so we can increase our mindfulness.

How's my breathing?

Take note of your breathing. Are you taking short breaths or long and deep breaths? Short and shallow breaths can be a sign of tension, awareness, anxiety, or even worry. If you notice that you are taking shallow breaths, go ahead and gift yourself some long and deep breaths. You will feel relieved in seconds!

Is My Face Relaxed?

We often hold tension in our faces without even realizing it.  Don't be a victim of resting bitch face. Haha! A relaxed or happy face feels better and looks better! A great way to relax your face is to  take a deep breath and then let all the air out of your mouth while allowing your lips to "bubble" and "bounce" together. Not only does this sound fun, but it will relax your face in an instant! 

What Types of Foods Am I Eating?

What you eat says a lot about how you are feeling. Working as a dietitian and health coach, I see eating and emotion correlations on a daily basis! I work with all my clients so they can become aware of their own eating patterns to create an awareness and become empowered through this knowledge. Sometimes food choices come before the emotion is even noticed. So, if you are eating foods that you normally eat while sad or stressed, take a pause and be with yourself- become mindful of your emotional state and try some relaxation methods.

How is My Posture?

Are you slouched right now while reading this article? If so, sit up and engage your core. Be strong and feel powerful anytime you are out of your bed- a great way to do this is by becoming mindful of our posture. A person who is slouched all the time can feel lazy while a person who is sitting up tall will feel in-control and confident. It's your choice!

How do I Feel? 

The ultimate mindfulness question! I ask myself this question many times throughout the day. It amazes me how sometimes I am unaware of how I feel until I pause and ask myself this question. How do YOU feel? Pause and ask yourself this. A great way to develop mindfulness of your emotional state is by keeping a journal. With all of my clients in my wellness programs, I encourage them to question themselves throughout the day: How do I feel? Why do I do x,y,z? Why, why, why. The more you ask yourself, the more you discover yourself.

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