The Infinite Possible You(s)

With every experience, we change; we develop new thought patterns. As we develop new thought patterns, we develop new behaviors. This change is as much a choice as we believe it to be. Who you are today is very different from who you were one year ago. Right?

The rate of change and new behavior development is dependent on your exposure to new experiences and your awareness of your ability to change. For example, someone who has a monotonous lifestyle will likely experience less change than someone who is, let's say, backpacking around South America for a month. Do you agree?

We all have the ability to change instantly. You do not have to continue any old, undesirable, behaviors. With this awareness of your ability to change, you can approach new experiences in a NEW WAY. Here's a prime example/scenario (and I will keep it very simple): In the past, it would annoy Mark when the bus was late. The bus would be late maybe once a week. Today the bus was late! Now, Mark, because he is dynamic and can change at will, has decided that he no longer becomes upset when the bus is late (why would he anyways? especially if he knows that It can happen again). He has decided that the new Mark actually enjoys the surprise of a late bus and laughs at it! Mark has now formed a new thought pattern (stimulus --> thought --> behavior) ; The stronger his belief of the new thought pattern is, the more concrete his change and integration of this new thought pattern will be. 


Fact: Bus has always been late at least once a week. 

Old Mark: Late bus --> Anger --> sits on bus angry, creates his own sadness

New Mark: Late bus --> Funny --> sits on bus smiling, thinks his mind game is funny. creates his own happiness

 Does someone constantly annoy you?  Reprogram yourself to experience this person differently. You cannot expect to change them, change yourself instead! Does something seem to always 'piss you off'? Well, change the way you experience this thing. Develop a new thought pattern. Acknowledge that your experience is UP TO YOU!

Just as Mark's bus will sometimes be late, he cannot change this. Instead, he must change his approach to the experience. He must change himself. 

This conscious development of new thought patterns and awareness of behaviors is what I call Programming. I will write more about Programming and how to effectively do it, soon. 

This is The Creative Mind. 



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