Fragments of a Broken Mirror



We are all fragmented, broken, missing a piece or two.... We are pieces of a broken mirror. We are the one divided into many. WE are divided and fragmented so we can see ourselves, so we can experience each other- the other pieces of ourself. 

Every interaction with another human being is an interaction with ourselves. The things we notice about them are the things we need to notice in ourselves- what we want to be or what we don't want to be. No matter what, we must look at the other person with love and compassion; we can still say to ourselves "They're weird," "They're interesting," whatever- But, we need to always remember that you are them and they are you. 

We are one! 

Here's a daily awareness practice (to soften the judgmental mind)-when you see someone, instead of judging (i.e. he walks funny, she is pretty), you can simply say- "I am you and you are me" and continue on your way. 

The reason we notice things in anything is because our higher selves are guiding our eyes to these things. Every experience has a lesson to be learned, because what we see and experience is meant to 'mirror' and 'reflect' something back to ourselves. 

Every experience that you are experiencing now has been previously designed by you. What you experience in the now is PRE-sent. Sent before- that is why this moment, now, is called- are you ready for this?- the PRESENT (pre + sent= present)

Understanding the PRESENT. 

This (present) moment should be acknowledged and felt because it is something that you designed yourself in the past (or maybe even in the future). That is why we have to understand and accept that everything is divinely planned for us to experience and learn from. IF we miss the lesson and we keep making the same mistakes, we will continue to design a scenario (experience) for us to have and this will continue to happen over and over again until we learn. 

Will you be open to receiving the message?

The message can be seen, read, heard, told, written-whatever! The important thing is that the message is felt. You will feel different and you will react and/or respond differently to the same stimulus in the future-for the better. 

I have noticed that the most powerful moments where my brain is reprogrammed after an experience- I tend to take a deep calming breath- Somewhat of an "ahha" movement!

What do you think? Comment below. 

-The Creative Mind