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Complete Wellness Consult

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1 Month Wellness Program

Weekly Wellness Checkups (30 minutes)

Complete Health Assessment

Weekly Health Goal Planning

Fitness and Diet Program

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3 Month Wellness Program

Weekly Wellness Checkups (30 minutes)

Complete Health Assessment

Weekly Health Goal Planning

Fitness and Diet Programing 

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Client Comments

Tyrone, 29

"Since working with you, including the last two weeks off from you, I've stuck to your meal plans (and variations on it), and I've been going to gym classes regularly. I have been feeling so so SO great. My energy throughout the day is much improved, my physical stamina has greatly increased (I can notice a huge difference on stage!), and my body has never looked better (I've been getting a lot of compliments!). I'm truly happy with my health and body at the moment. Your guidance was so impeccable!"

Emmanuelle, 40

"To anyone considering Christian as your personal wellness coach, congratulations on finding this amazing healer and human being.  Christian is compassionate, open-minded, attentive and possesses an impressive array of knowledge and experience.  I am a bodyworker by trade, an athlete for fun and I have known my fair share of coaches.  For me, Christian is truly exceptional in his approach, his integrity and his joy for life.  Again, congratulations and I wish you a wonderful, enlightening journey!"

Grant, 38

"Recovering from cancer is scary and changes your life.  On my journey for what ever reason I found Christian who is kind, supportive, gentle, strong and caring.  My recovery is ongoing and Christian helped me realise some of my own goals that I had not known existed and helped guide my mind, body and spirit.  Along the way Christian can help you with your diet and exercise regime to ensure you have a health body for your goals and looking after your inner spirit.  Christian has extensive knowledge on nutrition, and exercise so never fear asking Christian questions as his more than helpful.  Christian will tailor the program to what you need and It will be time well spent and invested.  At the end your journey with Christian you should have an understanding of looking after the spirit, mind and body."

Marji, 48

"I’ve known Christian for many years, first as my personal trainer then as a nutritionist. Knowing and working with him has been a blessing and a pleasure. During the time he was my trainer, my strength and balance improved greatly and my overall well-being increased. He always came up with creative ways to make exercise interesting and fun. As a nutritionist, his meal plans were built around my likes and dislikes and he provided healthy delicious recipes to help me achieve my dietary and health goals. 

I’m sure future clients will find him a joy to work with and I recommend him without reservation."

Katka, 34

"Prior to reaching out to Christian for nutrition advice, I’ve been following him on Instagram for about a year. I’ve always been so inspired by his positive approach to life and by his inner energy. That is why I’ve decided to contact him and become a client. I’ve been looking for nutrition advice and what I’ve found instead was an amazing, kind and open-minded person and a skilled professional. Working with him has been an exciting and transformational journey, not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. What I appreciate greatly is his capability to provide me with new ways of looking at challenges, questions and quests in my life, be it in area of nutrition or my personal growth. For me, he is the best nutritionist, personal coach and an amazing human being." 



Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainer, Health Coach

Masters of Nutrition, North Carolina State University- 4.0 GPA

Bachelors of Science, Nutrition and Dietetics, North Carolina Central University 

Bachelors of Science, Business Management, North Carolina State University 

Holistic Health Coaching Certification, Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Personal Training Certification, American Council on Exercise


I believe

I believe in the power of creative thought and that our reality is created by what we believe. With the right tools and guidance, you can create your own dream world and change your life forever! 

All of my clients are treated as beloved friends with unique strengths that can be identified and used as powerful tools for growth. Each of us is blessed in our own ways! I will work with you to find the best path to maximize personal growth and enhance your living experience. 




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